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Product Overview:
"Music is Wireless" is a reality for more then 150,000 BlueMusic users. Bluemusic 3 is the latest release of the successful Teksoft multimedia application for smartphones, now available for Android OS. It allows you to route the audio streams from your mobile device to your Bluetooth headsets. Use your Bluetooth Headset to listen to music, podcasts, ebooks or games. For your car, you can use BlueMusic to redirect GPS voice to the car's bluetooth system.
Get the audio streams back to your headset after a phone call automatically.

Features and Screenshots:

BlueMusic 3.2 was designed to run on Android OS 3.0 and higher. For older OS versions, you can use BlueMusic 3.0. Because of the big number of Android devices available on the Market, we cannot guarantee that the software will work on your particular hardware configuration. We've provided a trial version that can be used without the need for a registration key so please run it to test the compatibility. Purchase the software only if it works with your device, and bluetooth headset, or carkit.
To install the software on your mobile device, you need to download the APK files from the download page.
1.Copy the APK file to an Micro SD Card or another type of card that fits your Android device
2.Insert the Card containing the BlueMusic APK in your Android device.
3.Use the Market to install a free software like the APK Installer, or APK Manager, and use it to browse the content of your SD Card
4.Using the APK Tool, select the BlueMusic APK file on the Card and install it
Alternativelly, you can use the Google Market to search for BlueMusic and install the software from there.

Features list:
  • Multiple headset support: use BlueMusic to handle all your Bluetooth headsets, with just a few taps
  • A2DP headset support: use BlueMusic 3 to listen to wireless stereo music over Bluetooth!
  • Mono/phone headset support: blueMusic 3 supports the classic phone headsets.
  • Phone events support: Bluemusic 3 can set the speakerphone automatically when a new phone call is established
  • After call resume: this feature restores the bluetooth audio connection after a phone call has been completed.
  • User friendly: BlueMusic comes with a fingerfriendly, animated user interface.
  • Free trial version, just a quick download and you can have your copy!
  • Android OS 4.0 compatible!

  • License and registration:
    The download page contains the BlueMusic demo version, intended for evaluation purposes. This trial version can be used for free, for 16 days. It comes with full functionality, but will show "Unregistered, please register" message popups from time to time. It will also disconnect your Bluetooth Headset audio connection after 5 minutes. To reconnect you will need to go to the BlueMusic interface again.
    To disable this limitation, you need to register.
    To register you can
    purchase a serial key. When purchasing a license key, make sure you write down the Device ID of your mobile device, as displayed in the application's About page. Use this Device ID in the purchase form.
    The process is fully automated, and the serial key is delivered in just a few minutes.
    Once you have a key, open BlueMusic and go to the Help item, and select the About page. Carefully copy the serial number information from the Teksoft License Email that you've received after purchasing the software, and enter it into the appropriate fields in the registration window. Try to avoid typographical errors that might result in your registration code not being accepted by the program.

    For OEM/volume licensing, please contact us for a price offer.