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Product Overview:
Your Bluetooth headset proves its utility in various situations where you can't use your hands to hold the phone. As you know, the bluetooth headset operates wirelessly using Radio Waves. So theoretically it would be possible to use it to control remote devices. After this idea had been conceived, for us it was only one step to use our skills and provide a software tool to make this possible. Now Using HeadsetRemote, you can perform various tasks on your mobile device - wirelessly. Imagine you need to start a file remotely (music, your camera or other) , you need to slide your Powerpoint presentations (do it in a very hi-tech style), or use your phone as a spy (triggered remotely) - endless possibilities, for your comfort, using this software.

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See HeadsetRemote in action, and learn how to use the most important features of this software.

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Features list:
  • Configure up to three headset actions
  • Easy to use with any bluetooth headset that has buttons
  • Embedded search function
  • 6 various actions to chose from
  • Supports Powerpoint, Media player, File explorer
  • Replaces Powerpoint remote control, use your bluetooth headset instead
  • 16 days trial version